About Emile Harmon

About Emile Harmon

Emile Harmon founded his law firm the Harmon Law Office on the principles that he inherited from his parents’ law firm in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from law school from Arizona State University in Tempe, Emile set up his law firm in both Tempe and Phoenix. Emile Harmon succeeded in obtaining his Juris Doctorate in two years rather than in three. While in law school, Emile earned the impressive Francias Leos Award which Emile acquired because of his high grades and academic excellence. Emile was also a member of the Moot Court Club. Partaking in Moot Court allowed Emile practical courtroom experience and growth.


Emile set up his offices in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona. Tempe is located in Maricopa County and primarily is the home of Arizona State University students as well as being the location of a few top Fortune 500 companies. While attending law school in Tempe, Emile fell in love with the city and decided to establish a law office there.

Emile believes in the idea that every client, no matter his or her economic or cultural background, deserves an attorney who makes the effort to know him or her on a personal level. This belief has led to Emile becoming a member of the Volunteers Lawyers Project in order to assist all clients in need of legal help and advice.


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